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Home renovation


We fill the canvas of your home with colours limited only by your imagination, or the imagination of our designer.


We cover every step in your home, and we do so at high standards of quality to make something that lasts.


Proper tiling can give your kitchen a unique touch, opening the space, making it easy to clean and maintain.

Kitchen fitting by Alb Interior in London


We take care of your kitchen fitting and joinery so you can just enjoy it hassle-free, clean and safe.

What Makes Us Different?

Discounted Materials

We have access to discounted rates for materials, and we are happy to help you optimise your spending so you can stay within the budget that is comfortable for you, for your home renovation.

17 years of experience

Nothing beats experience, and with 17 years behind our back we covered a wide range of projects creating beautiful homes that make owners even more excited to spend time at home.​

Safety First

We work respecting all the safety regulation, understanding that keeping everyone safe is a priority towards our team and clients. With serious ethics we are looking to create win-win situations.

Customer Satisfaction

A happy client is one that is returning. We thrive on feedback and we have reviews to show how our work is appreciated by others.

Alb Interiors LTD team

A team of reliable builders

We know how difficult is to find a reliable team, and we understand how important are all the jobs, big or small, for our clients.

With an experience close to two decades, we have a wide range of skills and qualifications, from simple handy-man tasks to complex design projects we collaborate in our team and outside to get the best results for you.

We come to work with a smile, on time, and we always clean properly after ourselves being aware that a job without its cleaning is half-done job.

Work with us

We will support you in taking the first steps towards your project. We are offering a free assessment of your project helping you to grasp an idea about the timeframe and the budget of your project.

We are happy to tell you more about our home renovation services that we provide in London.

What Our Clients Say

“Excellent Work ALB INTERIORS LTD team did good job and satisfied. They have finished the work as per the schedule and would recommend to friends and everyone. We got a number of quotes for the painting we needed done and not only was“ ...read more
“Alexei did a really good job of repainting all of the rooms in my flat. He also took on the job of retiling the bathroom and laying lino all at a competitive price and to a very high standard. I will defiantly recommend his services to others and hire again.”
“Alexei from ALB Interiors redecorated our house before we moved in and we are really happy with the result! Alexei was extremely helpful throughout the process: from helping us pick the colours to replacing the electric sockets and even” ...read more

Ready to Transform Your Home?

Our professional team is ready to help you create a beautiful home, within your budget and a reasonable time-frame. Not sure where to begin? Let us help you for free with an estimate for your project, from small home renovations to industrial projects.

High-Quality standards, with 17 years of experience and hundreds of projects. Committed to Customer satisfaction, reviews speak for us.

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